To Buy or To Make

I was given the choice to order school lunches/snacks for the kids for a couple of days each week.  Yes it will spare me from crazy mornings.  But no thanks.  Besides the price tag, I refused it because I wanted the kids to bring to school something prepared by my own hands. Nevermind the topsy turvy.
This is Sushi's lunch bento.

This is for Sashimi.
Spam sandwich with Laughing Cow cheese spread, and grape tomatoes.



Let Her Go - Passenger

The lyrics.  The melody.  The voice.  I play this over and over. 


Lance Armstrong

I recently saw Oprah's interview with Lance Armstrong. This part is where he choked up. And so did I =[    He can be stripped off his titles, including "cyclist", but you can't take off "parent".


Family Photo Wall

This was one wall of our kitchen in the old house. It was the hub of the kitchen. However it was a mix of school papers, homework and schedules, plus rice cooker, breadbox, what not. Even the sideboard didn't match the cupboards.

We switched things around.  Bought a pantry cabinet and office desk. But it messed up the existing photo wall. It was like that for a while. The next thing, we took everything down, repainted the house, and sold it.
Now what to do with the frames?  I thought this would be the last on my list since moving into our new home. Besides the mere thought of drilling holes - not one but a lot - on our clean bare walls gives me shivers.  But what i also thought would take me long, took me less than half hour to complete.  No painters tape needed to align. No measuring required.  I only made a mock light switch, which is on the wall I'd be putting this up on. I mapped out the frames on the floor.

With a hammer and a nail. Screw and a driver. And some precision. Tada!

The pictures are yet to be updated. Notice the inverted picture/art.  Meanwhile I intentionally left a space for some wall stickers. It was not transparent as I wanted, but I liked what it says.
A nice reminder, that the kids are only little for so long... Play with them!


Dear Sashi

Dear Sashi. Thank you for constantly reminding me that I could stop whatever I am doing and just listen to you. Even if it's again about airplanes and airports. Even if it's just for a while. It's always my pleasure.  XOXO, Mom.



And this is only the teaser. Let's pretend to puff cigarettes outside =]


In My Opinion

The best bathroom is not one with all the bells and whistles - double sink, jacuzzi tub, rain shower, jet sprays, what not.  It is the one you could use but not have to clean. 




Been reading about its health benefits, and how it is a better alternative to rice, which [sadly] is a staple part of our diet. So, upon the recommendation of an equally health-conscious colleague, I went to try Quinoa.
I bought the quinoa and mini bell peppers from Costco. Chopped up all my ingredients - portabello mushroom, chicken bologna, and onions. Cooked the quinoa as per package instruction. Saute all ingredients before mixing into the cooked quinoa.

And that's dinner!


Organize: The Meds

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families and friends. Now that the holiday is over, it's back to regular programming. And I start with organizing!

I found these alphabet stickers from Walmart recently. The lollipop font was screaming my name from the shelves. It was my favourite handwriting font back in the days. So  I got them without batting an eyelash. Then went home and immediately found the place to stick them.

There's this one cabinet in the kitchen that I have devoted to Mr. Hotpot. The hub has always been the family's physician, so the meds are sorta his thing.
I hope his collection doesn't go beyond the FEVER & FLU baskets I have put out for them.  The GLOW basket contains candles, scents, lighters and batteries.

A place for everything . Everything in its place.  One shelf at a time.