Disguise Your Stash

They say the best place to hide your valuables is anywhere but the master bedroom. It's the first place burglars go for. www.hedonics.com has cleaning cannisters to hide your stash for $14.99 each. Pricey, but what a great idea!


Crocs Havana

I have looked at the Crocs website time and again. I find them cute and colourful, but was never sure if I'd really like them on my feet. I have bought several pairs for my family - my parents, my sister, and my kids. But none for me.

I got attracted to the Maryjane,



and now the Havana.

I prefer brown though. You can tell, I gravitate towards that colour. I always check out pictures of the shoe on feet first before purchasing (especially if online), so I know how it actually looks on the feet.


Charming Charms

My sisters asks, "why do you like wearing fake?"

Why not???


My House's Twin

This looks so much like our house, with the dining area overlooking the living area, except this one is nicer, warmer, and obviously upgraded!

Even the dining chairs look similar. The light fixture is awesome!
I heart this house!


Boys Room

I would like my boys to share a bedroom when they're a little bit older. I think it will make them close. This is a nice room idea.
The basketball ring might be over, though.

Kids' Bento Box

To be able to pull this off everyday for my kids' lunches, I might as well quit my job! Wouldn't I love to anyway?

The Perfect Kitchen

Ultra chic kitchen that's just the right size. This house is for sale in Oakville as of this writing.

Sushi Charms

Almost a year long of abstinence from sushi & sashimi while I was pregnant with Little Sashimi, this made me drool. http://www.etsy.com/

And this blog is born.