Dear Sushi,

You are barely 8, and recently you declared “ladies’ washroom no more!” It is bittersweet to watch you grow up.

This is you, a few days ago, where you had your very first pop treat. You first thought it was beer. You were surprised Mommy let you in on such treat.

At a bookstore in Quebec, I asked you to pick something you like. History shows you are mostly likely to pick a book. But this time you picked Yoshi. I was cringing deep inside hoping you’ll change your mind. You did not. It was a sweet reminder to Mum that you are still a child.

I wish you’ll stay like this forever.



Sorry Ballet Flats

I did not bat an eyelash when I saw this pair at Winners. My sister had to remind me not to walk out of the store in them =] My ballet flats - I could not count them - are now green with envy.
Shoes: Liz Claiborne


Last Day of Camp

We're inching closer to the start of another schoolyear.  Sushi will be in Grade 3, while Sashimi will be in Junior Kindergarten, joining his big brother in the same school. I am about to have anxiety attack!  I will be making bento for two.

Today is Sushi's last day at the Interactive Learning Camp. It also happens to be a field trip to Ontario Science Centre.  This is his bento.
Sandwich with bologna and cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Goldfish crackers, mozzarella cheese, grape tomatoes and black grapes

To My Boys

Dear Sushi,
Today you asked me what I do at work. To satisfy your curious mind, I went into detail about education plan, college, degrees and occupation. I know that’s way too advanced for your age. But I know you understood them. You’re only 7 but you talk like your 18 and insist you’ll be a “different kind of teenager.” You know now that life is not all about you, and that there’s a bigger world out there that you have yet to discover and explore. You make me proud.

Dear Sashimi,
Every time we pass by the Purolator building, you say that is your office. You’re only 3 and you already want to go to work.

Please don’t grow up too fast.



Dual Purpose

Saw this unique lighting at Bar Burrito.

I instantly ID-ed it's IKEA's TRĂ…DIG bowl.

How clever!


The Spice in the Closing

The closing ceremonies of the London Olympics was too boring, I fell asleep. Sushi woke me up. I almost got angry. But how can I be? It's the Spice Girls. Lol!

No Cherry Picking

I just witnessed some nasty cherry picking at the grocery today. Pun intended.
See what they have left. Not buying!


Spring Rolls

If we don't have a particular cuisine in mind, Spring Rolls is our go-to. Some say it's not authentic Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Malaysian, nor Vietnamese. I say, that's Asian Fusion.

I would say their Spring Roll platter is the specialty, hence the name. I call it pretty.

Our must have is their Thai curry.

Sushi loves the Chicken Satay & Thai Mango salad.

For a change on our recent visit, we tried their Crispy Calamari. The generous serving did not disappoint.

If with company, we would go for their sit-down buffet. For $15.99/adult, it's about the same price you'd pay for a complete meal.
And still every dish comes with presentation.

That and the ambiance. Sometime that's enough reason to go back. Anyone?

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Where making sushi becomes a way of life

at Sukiyabashi Jiro, 3-star Michelin, 10-seat sushi-only restaurant in Ginza subway. Where 20 pieces of sushi would cost you 30,000 yen (US$400), but is worth traveling to Japan to eat at this restaurant.

Watch it


Everyday life: This Week

Watching the Olympics everyday... and crying on every victory.

Perfect for the hot summer weather. @LJ Kusina

Love the wider family parking spots. @Ikea.

$8 vs $1. Nothing like the real thing.
Available @Highland Farms.

Favourite chore and I'm a gatekeeper!

Distractions at work.

Difference Makers

For Canadian gold medalist Rosie MacLennan for the trampoline event. The video is so moving. Can't help it. *sob*