What a Jerk!

I don’t say NO to Jerk Chicken. I could easily trash my baon (own lunch) if it’s on the Menu.  My Jamaican colleagues thought they were not authentic.  But, hey, I’m no authentic myself.  I can’t even make it half as good.  Besides, if it’s only 5-floors down from me, and only $4.99, then it makes this second to none... at least for now.

Our menu rotates, but  occasionally new dishes are introduced.  But there’s already a variety you can make out of Pasta Bar Tuesdays and Stir-Fry Thursdays, which is another favourite.

I always look forward to customizing from the selection of vegetables (bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, bokchoy, beansprout, zuccini), meat (tofu, shrimp, chicken or beef), sauces (Teriyaki, Orange Ginger, Red Curry, Peanut Thai, Szechuan or Sweet Chili) and carbs (rice or Asian noodles). It is prepared fresh and cooked while you wait.  Nevermind that the cooking time takes a big chunk off my lunch break, when the server fills my bowl to the brim - sometimes heaping - I’m a happy camper!


Dilettante Fruit Medley

Dried strawberries, apricots, cherries, pineapple, mangoes & blueberries in premium white/milk/dark chocolate

They're sooo good.  Costco used to have them. But not anymore =[  Anybody seen this elsewhere?


Bento Week Off

I’m taking a breather from bento-making on this last week of summer before another schoolyear begins.  Mr. & Mrs. Hotpot are taking this last week off to spend time with Mini Shabu. Weeee! Here are some of last weeks'.
 Spam croissant, Ritz cheese cracker, grape tomatoes, peach slices

 Croissants, fish balls, mushrooms, peach slices

 Croissants, crabstick, grape tomatoes, peaches, veggie crisp

  Cheese croissant, blue berries, carrot sticks, OTAP, grapes

 Raspberry fruit bites, corn & ham buns, grape tomatoes, mixed veggies

 Roasted potatoes, chilli-lime shrimp, peach slices, cheese/ube pandesal

  California maki sushi, corn puff, blueberries

  PB&J sandwich, edamame, hard-boiled egg, blueberries

Smiley chicken nuggets, cheese & ube pandesal, quail eggs, corn puffs, fruit cup

Mini Shabu's got 2 loose teeth during this time so his croissants are cut to pieces for easy chomping =]


Summer Camp Bento

Mini Shabu goes to Summer Camp for 8 weeks, so there is no rest from packing lunches/snacks. If you haven't notice I am having a rotation of items, frequent items, and lots of switching around. Until I whack my brain for more ideas to this very thought- provoking task, here's some more from July.

Mashed potatoes, cheese croissants, banana chocolate cake and marshmallows

Macaron-shaped ham sandwich, mandarin orange jello, blueberries, carrot muffin and carrots
On lazy mornings, I just stuff 2 buttered Philippine buns (tinapay), with orange and carrots

Bread w/jam, kekiam, Smiley potatoes, gummies and kiwi

For field trips, I pack 2 frozen juices and fruit cup to stay cold until consumption, while they also serve as ice packs. I also go easy on field trips, packing some "unhealthy" item that I won't normally let him have.

Chyrsanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea is good at releasing the qi from the body, especially when I am having some acne outbreak, dry eyes, itchy throat and what nots.  My brother has this handy when he eats potato chips =]

I would love to get this RIKLIG teapot from IKEA $9.99.  It can hold 1.5 liters of tea, which you can serve hot or cold.

Before I get ya, I am using the French Press for now.