We Live On Borrowed Time

You know time is not on your side when...

... The good summer days are over. There was no grand vacation this summer. But most weekends were fun and special.

... We said another goodbye to the daycare. Our nth. We shall be back again - Spring & Summer Break. My office is moving, a stonethrow away, this Fall. I can smell convenience!

... Kids start another school year. Sashimi goes to SK, while Sushi will be Grade 4. And I’m back to early-rising for my bento-making.

... The workweek just started and it's almost the weekend again.

... You want to bike, but it’s already dark out (and raining).

... It’s getting dark inside as well. You realize it's been a while since you had to turn on the lights for supper.

... You get panic attacks with planning your kids’ birthdays when their birthdays are yet a month away, and 3.

...You think of Halloween costumes… and start writing your Christmas list.

... Dad’s battling cancer. And you can’t be home.

Free Smiles

"Because when you give a smile, lives are changed. And so is the world, one smile at a time."

Do you believe in the power of smiles to transform the world? We do. Coca-Cola sent our people all over the world, from Jamaica to the United Kingdom to Pakistan and more, to simply smile at strangers -- to see who would smile back. As we passed others on the street, on the bus or in the park, we gave a smile, held up smiley face posters or did a silly dance with a grin on our faces, all to prompt a little friendliness in the mundane. When someone smiled back, they received a free Coke or some other fun prize: everything from sunglasses to hats to bicycles. Because when you give a smile, lives are changed. And so is the world, one smile at a time.

Produced and crowd-sourced in association with Victors & Spoils (http://www.victorsandspoils.com) and MOFILM (http://www.mofilm.com). Musicians: Ben Thomas and Max Truphet