I Heart BR

Like I haven't been there enough, I have another reason to go to Bubble Republic.

Since my last entry mentioning its Pork Intestine Vermicelli, I have already gone back twice. Have I said, it's only $3.99 a bowl?

This and the taro milktea with tapioca is heaven on earth Taiwan in Canada.

Bubble Republic - Hwy 10
4555 Hurontario
Mississauga Ontario


Favourite Things

Arm candies. Printed dress.
Airplane noise. Airport watching.
Shoes. Individuality.
Windy days. Tall trees.
Sayings. Quotes to live by.
Sunsets on the kitchen. Undressed windows.


On Hiring a House Cleaner

Before, I can spend the money on something else.
Now, I can use the time doing something else.

Really now it’s time over money. I used to hog all the domestic duties. I was a gatekeeper. Everything has to be done according to my way. But I don't have all the time in the world for just housekeeping. And then guilt starts to eat me.

Sometimes it’s just money. But it's also time, and the bigger ROI in taking the guilt off your system.

I am lucky that Mr. Hotpot does his fair share. No nagging required. He is best at “let’s eat out!” He says eating out, I have to think of it, is like he is cooking and doing the dishes. Yeah right, but I am brainwashed.

And then there's Margie.


Chinguacousy Park

Chinguacousy Park is beautiful beyond words. It is a one stop park for summer and winter activities - playground, water park, splash pad, ski slopes, indoor and outdoor sports arena, petting zoo, pond, bridges, botanical garden, picnic ground, party hall and wedding church.

A rare shot of me with Sushi by the bridge.

Bridge = graffiti

Boys + bridge = Love

Why would they name a park challenging to spell and difficult to pronounce? Not that it matters at all!

Chinguacousy Park
Central Park/Bramalea/Queen St
Brampton Ontario


Everyday Life: This Week

Watermelon is the best fruit to have on a scorching hot weather. Let the juice drip down your arm. Not me =]

Sushi still has big shoes Crocs to fill.

Bookmark of happiness

"Aww, that's sad!" Sushi quipped.

He's beginning to ask if the tooth fairy is me.

Bigger grill? Points to ponder.

I heart U bento


Hilton Falls

I went hiking. Would you believe?

Hilton Falls is on the Niagara escarpment in Milton. The falls is only 10 metres. But the forest that we hiked through was just as enchangting as what surrounds the falls.  Except for Sashimi who couldn't handle the hike (must be the age), it was a wonderful experience. We had 8 kilometres worth of banters, songs, brain teasers, Pringles and pretzels.

Click for pictures.

Love It & List It

My 2 aunts - mom’s 2 sisters - gave me these arm candies before I left for Canada. They gave me separately but I wear them together. With my watch. I like how the Swarovski-like crystals cast reflections inside the car on a sunny day like today.

It’s 40C with humidex today - OMG. I combined 2 pastels in one outfit. I wore this with my Crocs Kaela.

The weather is making you notice even the water sprinkles. The multiple jets were calling my name. I wish I could jump in for a splash.

This banana guard is innovation. It protects the banana from getting bruised inside my purse. Unlike the ones sold in dollar stores, this one fits all sizes of the fruit. And I mean ALL.

“The work will wait while you show your child the rainbow but the rainbow won’t wait while you do the work.” I nicked this from iheartorganizing. Another new mantra to live by.


Bento Lately

I haven't been taking photos of my bento lately as much as I used to. Unless I prepare something out of the ordinary, the items are usually just rotating. I also haven't been sleeping early lately, so I have to drag myself out of bed in the mornings. I'm literally like domino tiles falling - err failing - on breakfast and bento preps. Nonetheless I still ensure I pack a balanced meal that's good enough for 20-minute consumption.
Italian sausages, edamame and raisin bread.

Raspberry puff, grapes, potatoes, broccoli and roasted chicken

Cuttlefishballs, Carrots, blueberry muffin, French toast, grapes and tomatoes


Today's News: Niagara Falls Stunt

Over the mighty, misty, roaring falls. In darkness. At 10:15PM.
Nik Wallenda became the first person to walk across the Niagara Falls on a tightrope on Friday (6/15/12). Starting on the American side, the aerialist tiptoed 550 metres across the churning water before stepping onto Canadian soil. [source]

North America was watching. There and live on TV.

Click for more pictures


Today is Fathers Day

For putting your own interest aside in favour of our children's.  For being a hands-on-dad to the extreme level.  For also taking on motherly roles to lighten my load so we could both give our best to our kids.  There's none like you, Daddy extraordinaire!


Shopping Today: Classics

Sushi found these treasures from the Dollarama and wanted to get some.  Without batting an eyelash, I put all of them into the cart.  These chapter books are just a buck fifty.  Not bad!


Express Yourself

As much as I want to keep everything spic and span at home, we let the kids express themselves by mixing & matching and cutting & pasting. We see tidbits of these in all corners of our space.

Sashimi's has turned his placemat from this

Into this

While Sushi took the liberty of picking the World Map for his placemat, even if it doesn't match my colour scheme.
But he loves geography and he learns while he eats. Why not?


Today's Sky

I like driving in Canada. You see the vastness of the sky. Traffic was slow, so I let myself bask in the beauty of the sky. This was taken with my phone so it doesn't do justice to its wonder, which I have only one word for -Magnifico!

Besides Tempura

Tako Sushi in Mississauga might be your average Jap restaurant, but we like heading there to satisfy our Jap food craving, besides the accessibility, good service and lots of perks. Sushi, of course, wanted sushi, but he ended up eating from everybody's order. Sans the tempura.

Tuna, Salmon and Red Snapper Roll

Roast Pork Ramen

Egg Custard w/ Seafood

This is the only place we get a generous serving of edameme to start and big scoops of ice cream to end.

Kick the Bucket List

[source of photo]
“Whoever created the world went to a lot of trouble. It would be downright rude not to go out and see as much of it as possible.” - Edward Readicker-Henderson

I stumbled upon Edward Readicker-Henderson's article Cheating Death in the May 2012 issue of National Geographic. I have only 2 people in mind - my brother and my friend Kim.


In His Words

I learned from my 7yo: there's a difference between completing his sentences because you know him to well and putting words in his mouth because you think you know him enough. Most times they want you to just listen.

What does your Mommy do while you are in school?
Go to work.

What makes your Mommy laugh?
My cuteness and Aku's jokes.
Aku is my big brother.

What is Mommy's favourite TV show?
Ellen the Generes

My Mom says the most important rule is:...
To have good manners. It will take me far.

My favourite thing to do with my Mommy is...
Play Monopoly and Scrabble

If your Mom were an animal, what kind would she be?
A chimpanzeen, because chimpanzeens are cute.

What food does Mom make best?
Spaghetti and vegetables

My Mom is pretty as...
You're prettier than anyone.

I love Mommy because...
She takes care of me. She cuddles with me. She plays with me. And she kisses me.

Love you to pieces!


This Week

Minced duck meat in lettuce cup at Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine for Auntie's 75th birthday

Quiet moments at the library

Soft-shelled crabs at Ocean's - weee!

Stormy Friday

Made an ensalada of tomatoes, mangoes, onion and bagoong (shrimp paste)

Design idea for the 3rd bedroom. Mr. Hotpot has strong objection to =[

Steamed seabass with dried black mushrooms and scallops

Letting go for a good cause

Tako Sushi

Reduce. Reuse. Recyle. Have enough paper & plastic bags already.

Quotes to Live By

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Bubble Republic

For the love of Taiwanese street food, Bubble Republic has been our all-time favourite since we discovered it.
It has the best tapioca. Sorry, Bubbletease. It's not you.

I alternate between the Fried Chicken cutlet and Porkchop. And they consistently come with 3 kinds vegetable sides, fried egg, and 滷肉-topped rice. The combo comes with a small milk tea, or add $1 to upsize.

Sushi now needs an order all to himself.

Will try this on the next visit.

Won't be long!

Bubble Republic - Hwy 10
4555 Hurontario
Mississauga Ontario

Bubble Republic - Burnhamthorpe
4040 Creditview Road #24
Mississauga Ontario