Spicy Coconut Crabs

Mom makes sure this is my first meal when I go home, courtesy of Godging -her cook of 30 years.

And that's not all.



Today's lunch - the sinful Chicken Club Burger - grilled chicken breast, bacon, and curly fries.  Photo was taken after I already nibbled through 1/3 of the curly fries as I took my 93 steps of stairs going up.

Please forgive me for I don't fry at home, let alone DEEP fry, and I don't buy pork bacon. My mantra is, if you don't make it at home, you can indulge elsewhere occasionally. And that's fine... right?

The sinful part is, I finished it all. Burp!


Happy Halloween

The ninja costume came in many pieces, including a mouth mask we didn't let him put on. Night before I had to quickly sew the hood and ties in place. Sushi had to wear his costume over his fleece jacket (5°C weather), so he looked like a sumo ninja. I couldn't stop laughing while dressing him.

We did only one block of Trick or Treating. Sashimi was new to this, otherwise we didn't really want that many treats. We didn't open our house to trick-or-treaters this year. Past years I was exhausted from just going up and down the stairs for every doorbell (split level house).

I was moved by this note left with the treats outside one house.

The boys picked one treat to have that evening. Including our Clown. We're bringing the rest of the treats home to share.