Boys Haircut

Last weekend, I took on the daunting mission that is to cut my boys hair. I have had this on my GOALS for a long time - how much we shall save if my 3 boys let me cut their hair. Mr. Hotpot goes for haircut every 3 weeks. The money I can use for shopping at H&M, lol.

This haircut cape (my sister got me from Taiwan’s DAISO) has been sitting in my closet for a year now. Okay, maybe 2.

So finally, on my recent trip to Winners, I bought this 24-piece grooming kit.  Note to self that if I fail at this, I will lose only C$20, but I will not regret not ever trying.  For my very first attempt with Shabu, I used the No. 6 attachment -  3/4", not too short. So in case I go wrong, we can still make a run to the salon for a fix.

And... we didn’t really have to =]


Johnny Rockets

@ Square One

Each table has a tabletop jukebox. I don't think it's working.

I always order the Chicken Club Sandwich - grilled chicken breast with applewood smoked bacon, iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato & mayonnaise on triple-decker sourdough. It comes with a load of fries, which is a little bland.

I eat only this portion. The bacon is sooo good.

The Cookies & Cream Milkshake is to die for.  Nevermind that it costs $6.49. You get an extra on a separate mixer cup.  This makes you feel like you're getting more than you paid for.  But really, they just used a smaller glass.  This is best shared.  Share the calories. Share the tummy ache you'd get if you finish it all yourself.


Dear Sashi

Three years ago today, you gave me the most excruciating pain of bringing you out to this world.  I remember Daddy's voice on my ear, “it’s okay, this is gonna be the last.”  LOL.  However, your first cry fell on deaf ears as I fainted shortly after letting you out and I can only see you through the oxygen mask on my face.  You really had me at hello =]

You were such a good baby all along, I keep saying, it’s easier the second time around.  But you have also showed us what Terrible Two is really like. We were drawn to your charm & wittiness, we didn't mind being twisted around your little finger. On the flipside, you constantly amaze us with your budding motor skills and increasing vocabulary.

You are very different from your brother, both of you having very distinctive qualities. You're equally sweet, but most days you are like cats and dogs.  It's now double trouble. My attention span has gone shorter, but my patience  longer.  Nonetheless you make us proud and happy twice over. 

Happy Birthday, Sashi!

Love Mom.


The Laughing Cow

The Laughing Cow® cheese is perfect for Shabu's bento, as they are individually wrapped. It stays fresh and cool until nutrition break.  I am very impressed with the innovative easy open foil wrap. There's a red tab you just pull and it will unwrap in a straight line. No mess. How neat! 

Made pizza using garlic/basil pizza sauce & shredded cheese on a bun with strawberries, grapes, apple slices & Laughing Cow® Party Cubes (assorted flavours)

Cheese pan de sal, peaches, carrot sticks, grapes, Jello & Laughing Cow®

I also snack on crackers with Laughing Cow® Light cheese wedges.

Coloured Tights

To jazz up the boring skirt. 
To partner with my oxfords.
To wear for Fall.
Purple Opaque tights

Teal leggings

I want these 2 colours.


Where's Yoshi?

Berry sandwich sushi, grape tomatoes, banana slices w/ blueberries & Super Mario gummies

First attempt at making sandwich sushi. In lieu of a rolling pin, I used a drinking glass to roll flat the bread with wax paper in between. Spread some berry jam, roll and cut as if making sushi.

Birthday Loot

Sashimi's birthday party in daycare is this week. Told Mr. Hotpot, no more lootbags for the kids. Just cake. Nut-free. Since I don't even know the 24 kids by name/face, and they are too small to appreciate the loot. Besides with work and our daily mundane, I wouldn't have time to pull it off.

Of course, he didn't believe me. Because I will find time for these things =]

But I set out with something rather simple, generic and inexpensive. Hard to believe I didn't make any trip to Party Packagers or dollar store for this, instead I sourced everything from my usual grocery trips.

I got these assorted Veggie Chips and Super Mario Gummies from Costco.  Each pack of the gummies comes with different Super Mario characters. Then I found these drinkable banana-apple sauce by accident from Food Basics. This Bagaloo happens to be from France, no wonder I had a hard time reading the labels (French before English). Stuffed everything inside Ziploc bags to what turned out to be a Snack Loot.  Voila!



I've Learned

(Repost from my Mulitply: July 28, 2009)
That it is futile to wipe the mouth every spoonful.
That the older one will also be a messy eater occasionally.

That the toys in the playroom will never stay lined up.

That the boys may be gone, but the toys will remain.

That they can't help vacuum even if they try to.
That toys will be everywhere, even in the dishwasher

That anything can be toys, like that empty bottled water,

the bottom of the LKK bottle,
even the plastic wrap of the lotion bottle.

That the fridge will always be full of stuff, inside and out.

That dishwashing will often get interrupted.

That there's no escaping under the bed. It will be a parking for their trucks.

That toys are not for display,
but are to be played with.

That the dining table is a bigger space for reading, writing and board games.

That the house will not always be this neat and clutter-free but that's okay. That I can be orderly around the house but there are moments to let loose. That some rules can be bent and some O.C. habits should be broken. That kids will be kids but they will be kids only once in their life. So I should let them be.

Going through the house room by room putting things back where they should be have been a daily exercise. I now sometimes just leave it as is. For I have learned that this is a permanent trace of motherhood, a life with kids, and a house that's home.


Nut-Free Birthday Cake

Sashimi is turning 3 next week and I was looking for nut-free birthday cake to bring to his daycare. I preferred to just get it from a grocery rather than specialized bakeries/suppliers, which would be more expensive.  I was so happy that Highland Farms carry these Nut-Free birthday cakes by Tickle Your Tummy, for just $24.99. It does carry Cakes by Robert also, but for a whopping $50, for the same size.

While there, I scored some Portuguese custards.

And splurged on this itsy bitsy halibut fillet marked "special"

Busy kids = happy mom!

Baby Wrap from Etsy

Sashimi was about 6 months old and we were going on a trip to Manila and Taipei.  I needed a baby sling, so I shopped at www.etsy.com and saw the best looking baby wraps by Loveyduds. It was hands-down very comfortable and very pretty to wear.

The Lovey Duds organic cotton baby wrap is made with lightweight"one way stretch" soft organic cotton Jersey knit. This means the fabric will stretch in one direction and will not stretch in the other direction thus giving the wrap the flexibility to form around you and the baby and at the same time provide the support that is needed.

Our wraps measure approximately 6 yards long, which has proven to be the perfect length for all sizes. All Wraps have finished edges for a more professional look and a longer lasting carrier.

Our organic cotton is Oeko-Tex Certified. Oeko-Tex is an international testing and certification system for textiles, limiting the use of certain chemicals and heavy metals. Our organic cotton is pure and soft. It’s the perfect fabric to have next to a newborn baby’s skin!

The Lovey Duds Baby wrap uses your entire back, as well as your shoulders and waist to carry the weight of your baby.

This gorgeous baby wrap is extremely versatile -- you can wear your baby in several different positions and is strong enough to grow with your baby (holds babies 6-35 pounds, age 0-3.) Additionally, this one-stop baby carrier fits all shapes and sizes -- so it's perfect for mom and dad.

Transcript taken from here.

This is Mrs Hotpot with Sashimi.

ALDO Zicafoose

I've often read that flipflops are supposedly just for the swimming/beaches.  So I was on the lookout for a better alternative to my oft-worn Ipanemas, something I could comfortably run around in.  Then I tried ALDO's Zicafoose. I didn't have a chance to fit them more times than I normally would before deciding to buy. Went back couple of times and they were sold out. So I bought it online, sweat-free, the next day it was right at my door. Although not all ALDO are comfortable, this one did not disappoint. 

Retails for C$60.00.  I got it on sale - of course! It comes in black, cognac & bone. 


New School Year

It's back to school, so I'm back to autopilot.  I wake up everyday at 6AM to make our breakfast and bento for Mini Shabu.  I most often start from scratch (like scratching my head for ideas - lol), especially when there's no left-overs from previous meal that falls into the criteria, which as we know are:
1) easy to eat - nutrition break is only 20min, *rolling my eyes*
2) will not spoil (e.g. cheese, mayo) - no fridge in school
3) will still taste good at room temp - no microwave
4) peanut-free - dope! the things you can do with peanut butter!
5) not messy to eat - minimal use of spoon/fork for dear Mini Shabu

Here's what I have kicked-off with so far:
Ube (taro) sliced bun, fish tofu squares, beans w/enoki mushroom, fruit cup (w/o the juice)

Mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, quail eggs

cheese sandwich, hotdog, corn from the cob, peach fruit

I'm not a big-fan of hotdogs or anything high in sodium-nitrate, but I've been buying it lately as they're so easy and pretty on the bento.

Loving Sprinkles

My favourite Tim Horton donuts gotta be the honey cruller.  It is always half of my dozen. Right away.  Although the heavily-sprinkled Vanilla Dip is not far behind.  I like how there's texture and crunch in every bite.  For obvious reasons, we don't buy Tims often.  I would only for my overseas guests - like Welcome-to-Canada treats. 

So I'd do my version of the sprinkles for our breakfast, using whole wheat bread, whipped peanut butter, honey and sprinkles. My boys love it.