Kitchen: Before & After

As our goal was an inexpensive renovation, we kept the existing layout of our kitchen, and just updated the cabinet doors, countertop and backsplash. The appliances were last thing on our mind, but there was a promotion we couldn't pass, they became the first things we changed. It wasn't grand. It's basic, easy to use, and low maintenance.


Granite countertop - http://www.artinite.ca/
Faucet - Rona collection
Lights - Rona
GE Appliances - Lowe's
Cabinet doors - Lowe's
Door & drawer handles - Ikea

Bathroom: Before & After

We have a tiny master bathroom and it was the builders-kind of bathroom, so we had it updated. It was not an expensive renovation. Most of the items were sourced from big box stores like RONA and Home Depot, even IKEA.


Lilangen sink & vanity - Ikea
Uberhaus faucet - Rona
Godmorgon mirror cabinet - Ikea
Uberhaus toilet - Rona
Lights - Home Depot

Uberhaus shower head - Rona
Oyster bamboo porcelain tiles - The Tile Shoppe
Glass mosaic tiles - The Tile Shoppe