Bento in Progress

My mornings start with me taking out all the ingredients from the fridge or pantry.  Then I start cutting like a Fruit Ninja. I put everything into baking cups, and decides who gets what.

From this
To this

'Tis the Season

It's time to bring out the scarves. 


Bento Update

What have I been up to lately? I am making bento for my 2 boys now - lunch/snack for each one.  It's extra challenging as I have to consider each one's likings and capacity. As Sushi is on his 3rd year with this bento hoopla, I find he has improved so much. No need for fancy cut-outs, he just eats everything. Everyday he comes home with an empty lunch box and a happy Mom! Meanwhile it's still baby steps for Sashimi. Note to self, lower the expectations. So I don't get all disappointed. I see the small improvements everyday nonetheless.


Letting Go

I just took down the decal I have so meticulously put up on Sashimi's room.  Boohoo.  Thought I would be leaving some of my personal touches in the sale of our home. But our agent doesn't agree. Toink!

I'm letting go. It's gone anyway.

Or maybe not...
There it goes until I bury it for good.


Hotel Sepia

On our recent trip to Quebec. We stayed for 2 nights at the very nice boutique Hotel Sepia. It is 10 minutes drive to/from Old Quebec. We didn't mind.

The wallpapers had me at hello.

boutique = modern

The bathroom is small but I like that it's sleek and simple.

I like to copy this design for my basement, except I don't have one =[

We have buffet breakfast everyday at the hotel's Le Galopin.

Even that is boutique-ish.

There's a good view of Pont de Québec & Pierre-Laporte. We enjoyed driving by these bridges to Old Quebec and back.

And the very laidback views of Promenade Samuel de Champlaine. Love it!

Hotel Sepia
3135, chemin Saint-Louis
Québec G1W 1R9

Lessons from Dr. Seuss


Back Into Swing

It's back to school for Sushi. And back to work for me, after a week vacation (in Quebec). So we're back into full swing. I will be up at 6AM everyday for my breakfast and bento preps, including some me time.

This is Sushi's back-to-school bento.

In case you're wondering what about my bento.
Mine is usually leftovers. Other days I buy from the cafeteria. We have a descent selection of meals and reasonably priced at - are you ready - $5. Check out our menu here.


The Kindergartens are on staggered entry, so Sashimi's first day is a day later than Sushi's. We bid adieu to our daycare of 5 years so today was a baby step to big school for my not-so-baby-anymore.
As you can see there is some resistance there. What happened after taking this photo was something too painful to recall. Thought to myself, this is what couples without children don't have to endure. *sob*

Since everything will be a first for him, I made his bento sweet and simple.
Bunny sandwich with gummy treat, hotdog brooms over a bed of edamame and granola bar.

This is his lunch bag. I worry how he will handle all this on his own. And whether this will make its way home everyday... empty.

In My Dreams

I have this song on repeat on the way to work and back. And - shhhh - I'm singing along!

Don't you love this? And I Can't Fight This Feeling?


Back to School

If there's anyone having back-to-school jitters. I think that is me. This schoolyear will be more challenging as I start making bento for 2 kids. Sashimi has been in daycare for 2 years where everything is provided for, including lunch & snack (and naptime). Although he eats well there, I still don't know what to expect now that he will be in big school. I guess we shall see.

Meanwhile I am stocking up on items that will fill their bento boxes. I find that as long as I have everything available, it makes my mornings a breeze.

More shopping to do!

Skyline LUGE

We had the most amazing time in Mont Tremblant (Quebec) mostly for the Skyline LUGE. The ride is fuelled by gravity and the rider controls the speed through a unique braking steering system. The ride will twist and turn through the Laurentian forest overlooking the beautiful Mont Tremblant.

First the chairlift that will take us to the mid mountains.

There will be brief directions how to ride before you hit the track. I really mean brief! But ride along! The LUGE is exhilaratingly fun, you wish the track is endless.

Close to the end there's a camera that will take your photo, which you have to buy for $10.
That the Hotpot family at the end of the race. Weeee!

Skyline Luge Mont Tremblant
1000 Chemin des Voyageurs
Quebec, Canada J8E 1T1