Bento Imbento

Due to limited resources for bento gadgets where I live, it is not fair to call my bento a bento. Also with time restrictions, since I have a day job and no househelp, this is my capacity at its best. So let's call my bento "bento imbento". Imbento, meaning made it up myself.

It is easy to follow nevertheless as I don't go over the moon. No specific theme, though I try, and no mimicking of cartoon characters, animals faces, not even odd shapes. I have mostly silicone cups and cookie cutters- the only ones North America has that are useful nonetheless. I also have a Tomica bento set from Japan. I'm hoping to get more accessories (eg. pokers) on my next Asian trip. Until then, here's my imBENTOs.

happy face potatoes, carrots, siomai w/bonito flakes, choco-pretzels, grape tomatoes

cuttlefish ball, roasted potatoes, mixed veggies, meatballs, grapes & custard

Unagi (eel), onigiri, extra furikake, Twinkies, black/blue berries

baby corn/carrots, quail eggs, unagi, onigiri, blueberries

mini bacon/cheese bun, macaroon shaped bread w/jam, corn, grapes & blueberries

Safari Lunch

Brought our own

Octopus hotdog, fish tofu, crabstick, bed of romaine, broccoli, tomatoes & jello

Love how the hotdogs curl on boiling water.