Project of the Day: Binders

This has been a long overdue project that I haven’t tackled until today. The magazine box that houses the manuals/warranty of the appliances/gadgets we have accumulated over the years has exploded.

On my quest to organize one room at a time, I thought to start on a smaller scale – one folder at a time. In this case binders. I went to Dollarama to buy 2 of them. And that’s all I need.

Laid all the manuals/warranty cards out and discarded those that are obsolete and of those appliances we have already gotten rid of.

I punched to my hearts delight. I attached the manuals in different orientation as long as they all fit within the perimeter of the binder.
I kept the manuals for the appliances/device that are affixed to this house together in this Ziploc bag [in the event we shall sell] – central A/C, fireplace, kitchen appliances, CO detectors, down to the garage door opener. I keep this in the kitchen in case I need some troubleshooting.

For the rest of it that are too thick to punch, I attach another Zippy bag into the binder rings and put them all in there.

Mission accomplished.


Adjustable Shower

While Sushi is in training to bathe on his own, I thought the shower system with adjustable slidebar will do the work for my ever growing boys.  It can easily replace the basic showerhead in the bathroom.  Best part, no drilling for Mr. Hotpot!



My view. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Doing dishes.
I'm going to miss this =[

Melona Ice Waffle

New discovery

Now will be constant in the Fridge.



I picked up my boys today from school. Sushi surprised me with this - “Since I’m turning 8, I already made plans for my future. So I can be a step ahead of my friends, I have decided whom I want to marry.” That someone who doesn’t even know the word “crush” has certainly crushed his mother. *fainting*

He talks about this girl every day (and night). How he plans to tell her that he wants to marry her, even if “she might think I’m crazy.”

Borrowing Sashimi’s new line – Seriously?

Please don't grow up too fast.


Corned Beef Sandwich Pockets

I made sandwich pockets today for the kids using Corned Beef as filling. We don't have canned goods too often, but if we do, it's PALM's Corned Beef.

Sushi gets the big pocket. Sashimi gets the small one.
How to make pocket sandwich here.


Gangnam Style

I love how Ellen features audience dancing. I love Ellen. I love Gangnam Style. I horsey-dance with the kids... shhh.