Blue Mountain's Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster

Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster at a Glance:
  • Guests ride to the top of the Glades area and descend to the bottom of Grand Central Lodge
  • Elevated cart track 1-6 metres off the ground
  • Riders can sit one or two people per cart and control their own speed
  • Carts slide over bumps, twist through corkscrews and zigzag through the trees of the glades
  • Mountain Coaster can run in most weather conditions — even in winter! 

The best attraction of Blue Mountain by far.  It was launched on March 2011. 
$15 for 1 ride
$24 for 2 rides
$40 for 4 rides

One ride is good enough as this will allow you to truly enjoy and rewind the thrilling experience like no other.