Maple Time

It's maple time at Mountsberg Maple Towne.
It takes 40 litres of maple sap to make one delicious litre of maple syrup
Sushi reviews the history
Maple candy tastin
Sampling the maple syrup with hot pancakes at the Pancake House
Mountsberg Conservation Area
2259 Millburough Line, Campbellville, Milton


Juggling Jobs

It’s been exactly 2 years since I was on part time schedule. Full time job squeezed into 5 hours has never been easy. But so far the work-life-balance is working out pretty well on the home front.  I have more time to spend with the kids and still keep my job. What's not to love!  

Except for standing outside on friggin’ cold weather, I look forward to picking up the boys from school.  This is the part where thoughts about work should dissipate.  It’s a privilege to be with the boys on their afternoon snacks, homework, and other things.  

Motherhood is a tough job by itself. Who would have thought that both jobs would coexist in my world?  Not me.  Two years doing this. It's been a great ride.


Spring Forward

I have a new exercise with the kids. Every meal we will talk about "what we are grateful for today." Although there are topics aplenty during meals that this has often gone to the backburner, we would still have bedtime to do this. I find that if we count our blessings, big and small, the small things make a big difference.

This Sunday we start Daylight Saving Time. Although we are losing 1 hour of sleep (TV time for some), I am grateful for the bright mornings I will now wake up to. No more early morning darkness.

But first, Spring Forward means Spring Break.  I am on week-long bento break.  Weeee!

Cheese sandwich, grape tomatoes, fish balls, strawberry roll, carrots, blueberry muffin within the hotdog ring 


Bread Cut Out

Bento fixing was a breeze today. Strange. First I made a nice breakfast for the family.

Another one of this goes to Sushi's bento, alongside English muffin with strawberry jam (and  more strawberry slices tucked in between), mixed berries, carrots and grape tomatoes.
In lieu of an egg sandwich, due to allergy in class, Sashimi gets the bread cut-outs with cheese slice, and bonus meringue.
The bento boxes came home entirely wiped out.  That's the greatest reward for the bento-maker.