F - friendship
R - remains
A - and
N - never
C - can
E - end
This sign off is old as our friendship.
Until I see you again, Darkstar.

Mood: sad


Today's Treasures

From Home Sense & Marshalls (TJX companies)

So good. I can't put you down.


Bento Today: Hors D’oeuvres

I always make my bento in the mornings. There's not enough time to make from scratch. So it helps to have some frozen items that I can just pop in the oven, like these hors d'oeuvres. These are President's Choice puff pastry.
Cheese & Spinach puffs, sausages, strawberries and grapes

Cheese Tomato & Pesto crescents, chicken cutlets, grilled cauliflower and strawberries

Mushroom & Cheese triangles, edamame, grape tomatoes, strawberries and banana cake


Who's in Charge?

I recall how my Dad, at the end of our wedding reception, had told my then new husband, “you are now in charge of her.” Although it’s been 10 years, his words ‘til now so vivid and indelible.

On my very first attempt to cook in our then new home. I plugged my 110V rice cooker to a 220V outlet. My brand new rice cooker got fried in an instant. Mr. Hotpot came home from work with no dinner and a crying new wife.  Since he’s now in charge, we just ate out.

This is one of the first memories we’ve made back then in this new home. Where Dad's no longer in charge. We are. We made no big investment for what will house us for a year (we knew we were migrating), but no details were spared in making this flat our home.

It looked so youthful, it speaks of the age =]

My Hello Kitty collection needed a home.  Kind hub had no objections to it.  Or so I thought.

This is a working kitchen. But it was barely used. We are at either parents’ house most times, or the restaurant we owned, or out.  All the utensils are now here with me. Used and abused.

10 years younger... lol.  Hooray to king-sized bed in a studio type.

I designed the vanity down to the table and plastic baskets.  Carpenters were very accessible back home. And cheap.

The closet divides the sleeping and living area. It was built with IKEA's PAX wardrobe features. We don't have IKEA back there, but its catalogue has been my bible for as long as I can remember.

I have fond memories of this home.  Running the treadmill in the afternoons. Pizza dinner at the rooftop.  Swimming in the cold cold pool.  Basking in the citylights at night.  Watching fireworks.  Big bro sleeping over.  BIL bringing his date to the rooftop.  The simplicity of life we had then. No kids. Just us.

It's our first home away from home.  And we were in charge.


I've Learned

Many times when a person initiates a negative message or difficult attitude, they are trying to trigger a response from you. They are trying to take away your power and make it their own. When we react, we are actually giving them what they want. Stop the cycle of negative snowballing and sell them short on what they’re looking for. Don’t bother responding and keep your power.
- Lessons Learned in Life

This life lesson is nothing but timely, after some tough weeks at work. I've learned that you don't always win and you don't always have to. I've learned to just uphold good work ethics - honesty, integrity and dignity (that order). I've learned that the workplace is like a box of crayons. Each crayon is a unique colour. Some colours clash. Some complement another. Some colours are used more often. Some not at all. The White, though always overlooked, is the one that stays sharpest. I've learned that whatever colour you are, all have the same sole purpose, that is to colour. More importantly, to live in harmony inside the box.

I've learned. Nuf said.


No Kiddie Plates Please

While 3yo Sashi eats from his Fred & Friends face plate, 7yo Sushi while setting the table just handed me back his 8-inch plate and said "Sorry, big boy now!" No more kiddie plates, and kiddie spoon & fork, please. While he isn't the best at handling his cutleries, he still makes moustache & beard when eats, he does eat like a grown up. We're keeping up with his growing appetite. Eating-out. Eating in. And making his bento.

Please don't grow up too fast.


Happy Mother's Day

Thanks to you kiddos for giving me the privilege to be called your mother. And for all these...

Grape Tomatoes

Sushi's growing love affair with tomatoes started long time ago. That wee toddler that he was grabbed my salad plate and picked the tomatoes. The rest is history. He loves them big and small, fresh and bare. The grape tomatoes is almost permanent in the bento. One good healthy bento filler.

Pan de sal w/Spam, Kiwi, marshmallows and 2 packs of banana cake

Clubhouse and Bugles (reminds me of Kornets)

Flat Jacks and Tacos split between 2, plus Hello Panda and orange jello

Croissant, havarti, potato balls and hotdogs in both

From Mr. Hotpot

If I were a perfect mother, I won’t be taking full credit for it. Behind every Great Mom is an equally good husband and a loving father.


Mothers Day dinner is reserved.


Music Monday

Sushi’s school celebrated Music Monday yesterday. His class rendered 2 song numbers – The Cat Came Back and We Can Make A Difference. He told us he had volunteered for the solo part. He had me at solo. I could have called-in-sick for what is to me this big day, but since we were short-staffed in the office and I’m a nerd like that, I still went to work. If the stage mom has to move mountain - or move deadline - just to make it to the program, thy will be done. At the strike of the clock, I dropped everything and zoomed to school. It felt like a quick costume change - from officeworker to mom. It was pretty exhausting, outrageous… and overkill… the school was a stone-throw from home. And I have to drive all the way back to work after his number???

I did. But it was worth it. He is worth it. I knew that instance he saw me come into the venue. The look that said “Mommy made it!” I knew right away I have done what is right, what felt right.

I don’t have much expectations from Sushi when it comes to school, but I always encourage him to aim for perfection (not mediocrity) in whatever he does, to be the best (not complacent) in whatever he becomes, to be the shining star (not just a star like the million others), and be someone (not a nobody). I drill this in his head.

On Music Monday, he is a star. My shining star.