Bread Cut Out

Bento fixing was a breeze today. Strange. First I made a nice breakfast for the family.

Another one of this goes to Sushi's bento, alongside English muffin with strawberry jam (and  more strawberry slices tucked in between), mixed berries, carrots and grape tomatoes.
In lieu of an egg sandwich, due to allergy in class, Sashimi gets the bread cut-outs with cheese slice, and bonus meringue.
The bento boxes came home entirely wiped out.  That's the greatest reward for the bento-maker.


  1. was that egg cooked with the bread or am i just seeing the egg through the bread? ang galing! i want my breakfast like that too. hahaha

    1. thanks, D. the egg was cooked within the bread. the cheesy heart-shaped strawberries were for Mr. Hotpot's bday. yayks.