For the last three months, our house has had a revolving door of guests, weekend after weekend, different family members visiting month after month. Which should explain why I am not up to date with my blog roll, as well as updating my own.

I have had the most wonderful 10 days when my parents and brother visited. My Dad just had a procedure done last year that almost did not make their recent trip possible. And so I am relieved when he was pronounced fit to travel. My brother has documented the itinerary in his blog.

It was a constant whirlwind of activities. I had to juggle more balls this time with my same 2 hands. I had to make sure my guests are comfortable at home and are driven to places I had wanted to take them. At the same time, the daily humdrum continues – bento-making, work, kids' activities, grocery runs and domestic duties. It was crazy chaos, but I had the best memories to reminisce now after it was all over.

With my parents outside our home.

Took my brother to see the beauty of !ndigo bookstore.

We had the most awesome brunch at Spencer's at the Waterfront (Burlington).

My brother and sister together with my parents strolled downtown Toronto, on days I had to go to work.

Mom was amazed at the selection we have of Filipino dishes and delicassy.

Had my cousins over for lunch and non-stop chit-chat. Reminds us of the good old days we gather in our parent's house.

My brother jumps on the trampline in my cousin's house.

My niece had her First Communion. It's so nice that my parents and brother got to be part of it.

Typical of our meals.  Lots. of. Food.

My family tried Portuguese cuisine and really enjoyed the experience.  I have wrote about Bairrada Churrasquiera here

I personally enjoyed strolling in the mall with my parents, like we did when were still back home.

Before I sent them to the airport, we stopped by sister's office to say goodbye.  We purposely took picture with the office sign for our namesake - 雷.  This is where we started crying bucket of tears. 

It has been my honour and privilege to have welcome and immersed my family into the life we now have here.  I had the most wonderful time with them, precious moments I will always look back to with fond memories.  I love you guys and I will miss you always.

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