Mother's Day

First, Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom.  We are half the world apart but there are still moments where I want to run to her – and only her – for approval and guidance.  I would not even be finished with my sentence but she already knows my heart. She gave me life and made me the person I am today. And for that I am forever grateful to her.

Also, thank you to my kiddos who gave me this title – Mother.  It’s been 10 years I am wearing this badge, sometimes I still have to pinch myself and cringe at being called Mommy.  It’s not always a walk in the park raising 2 boys.  Three, if you include Mr. Hotpot.  Truth is, every now and then there is a need to walk in the park… alone!  At the end of the day, I feel luckiest to come home to my boys and feel so honoured to be their mother.

I still look forward to the kids' artwork from school. But what I love most is how the kids explain their work to me.

The misspelled words are the best.

The older one gave me a coupon book. I redeemed one right away.

But he stopped at one pillow. Dang!

Lunch was good, courtesy of Mr. Hotpot!  My mom-in-law is visiting, so it was nice to celebrate Mother's Day with her as well. 
This is my favourite definition of my title.

A salute to all the mothers!  We are saints =]

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