The Kindergartens are on staggered entry, so Sashimi's first day is a day later than Sushi's. We bid adieu to our daycare of 5 years so today was a baby step to big school for my not-so-baby-anymore.
As you can see there is some resistance there. What happened after taking this photo was something too painful to recall. Thought to myself, this is what couples without children don't have to endure. *sob*

Since everything will be a first for him, I made his bento sweet and simple.
Bunny sandwich with gummy treat, hotdog brooms over a bed of edamame and granola bar.

This is his lunch bag. I worry how he will handle all this on his own. And whether this will make its way home everyday... empty.


  1. so how did the first day go? :)

  2. The drop off was heartwrenching but he was fine shortly after we left. It's much harder for the parents to take it all in, and let go.