Hotel Sepia

On our recent trip to Quebec. We stayed for 2 nights at the very nice boutique Hotel Sepia. It is 10 minutes drive to/from Old Quebec. We didn't mind.

The wallpapers had me at hello.

boutique = modern

The bathroom is small but I like that it's sleek and simple.

I like to copy this design for my basement, except I don't have one =[

We have buffet breakfast everyday at the hotel's Le Galopin.

Even that is boutique-ish.

There's a good view of Pont de Québec & Pierre-Laporte. We enjoyed driving by these bridges to Old Quebec and back.

And the very laidback views of Promenade Samuel de Champlaine. Love it!

Hotel Sepia
3135, chemin Saint-Louis
Québec G1W 1R9

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