Temporary Solutions

My Operation Pantry began with a shopping trip to Dollarama and Home Sense.  I have been procrastinating this, but with all the baskets, tubs, labels, racks and liners I now have on hand, there's no more excuse not to get on with it.  I am on a mission to organize my pantry one cabinet shelf at a time.  The corner cabinet in my kitchen is not the best to work with.  Think diamond shape.  I have to make sure nothing will get hidden in the nooks that will not see the light of day. 

I got this expandable stair-step rack for only $6.99 to organize my canned goods, which luckily I don't have much of.  The rack is a good tool for organizing, at the same time, it controls my purchase of canned good to the rack's limited capacity. 

On the other side of the shelf, rather than leaving the space unused, I have placed my morning coffee/creamer/honey & PB&J jam on a tray that is easy to slide out.  This will be the temporary set up until I find more efficient pantry solutions. Maybe another stair-step rack?
Above this shelf is where I stash my tea and coffee sachets. 
I always first shop around the house for what I may already have before buying. Reuse. Reduce. Recyle.  And so I played around with the boxes I already have.
By trial & error, the 2 tea boxes fit perfectly inside the sturdy fruit cup box which I have saved earlier, knowing I'll make good use of someday.  That someday is now.  I just have to cover the box with some pretty paper when I get one.  Meanwhile, I am loving this temporary solution.

Coffee, tea or fruit cups, anyone?

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