Dear Sashi,

This summer I had the privilege and pleasure of several days-out with you.  Much like me, you have always loved to ride the train, subway, bus, and streetcar.  I was able to fulfill your wishes with the help of my eager co-worker - thanks P! It was a joy ride. 

You were so easy.  You sat through 8 innings of baseball with Mom. I thought you wouldn’t even make it pass the 1st. 

You could spend hours entertaining yourself - with mist,

Or with sand.

That’s why I didn’t mind giving up this daybed for your play area.

You are so full of energy.  You could climb this huge rock endlessly.
And do an imitation with your toys.
You would try anything and do every thing - from hammering

to batting.

You're afraid of nothing - deep water,

Even the police officer.

And most recently, you biked with Mom farther than you ever had, longer than I would expect from you.  You never gave up.  You blew me away.

These moments are my best with you, doing anything or nothing at all.

Love every minute of it. Please don't grow up too fast. 
Happy birthday, Sashi!  High 5!


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