It's Hang Time!

Sashimi is so into superheroes this year. So for his birthday, we invited his school friends over and a special guest.
I got these balloons from the Dollar Store for $2 each.

I like how these balloons stand on its own. Instant party décor and went with the loot for the kids.

I didn't go big on decorations.  The paper plates and cups dressed up the table so easily. I only put out black and red fruits, gummies and chocolates.

Kids are hard to trick these days. They knew right away it isn't the real Spiderman.

Sashimi gets his Spidey cake as well.

Sushi is nowhere near the party. He thinks this is a children's party. What are you, Sushi?
I'll do anything for you, including get Spiderman to be in your party.
Happy Birthday, my little web slinger! Love you lots!

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