What I've Been Up To

When I was fresh out of high school, I remember telling my Dad that I wanted to learn how to drive. He told me to learn how to bike first.  He bought me a bike and I learned how to bike so easily.  Biking seemed to be only a prerequisite to driving, so after my driving lessons I got a car and my bike never saw the light of day again.

Fast forward to present, I wanted to bike again.  I didn’t have a bike so I would only use my sister's when we visit.  It’s true they say, once you learn how to ride a bike you will never forget how to.  I decided to get my own bicycle.

I came across Mom vs the Boys, who made a review of the Everyday Traveller bike. By this, the good reviews on Canadian Tire, and my lack of bike knowledge, I was effortlessly swayed.  Five CT stores later, a thunderstorm and a pushy Mr. Hotpot, the baby's home.

Since then I’ve been biking after dinner most evenings whenever I could.  As long as there’s no restraint in weather, with our routine, and with my boys, I’m out!  With my bare bike, I'd ride with just my iTouch, my dependable ride companion.  My playlist keeps me going.  I would only make occasional stops for quick rest, snap photos. Nothing special, just to mark how far I’ve gone with biking, literally and otherwise.

I would meet this old couple on my bike rides, holding hands while strolling. I don't know them. But I love them already.  It's the unexpected and these little things that make me look forward to my next rides.

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