February Bento

Feb has been a rough month. Most mornings I was in dash with breakfast and bento fixing, on YM via iTouch catching up with my sibs and friends (personal issues), preparing the kids, and then rushing out. I’m going to admit, I haven’t been waking up on the dot as well, ‘cause I haven’t been going to bed on time. It’s a domino effect. One leading to another.

I was looking at my basketful of bento supplies – face punchers, onigiri makers, shapers of all sizes and shapes imaginable – and realized I haven’t really made much with them. My personal issues took the best of me. Nonetheless I have stuck up to packing a healthy bento with my best capacity, fancy or not.
Cheese roll, apples, toast w/jam, fruit cup

White choco chip pancakes, apples, hotdogs, my own corn muffin

Cheese sandwich, grapes, chickpeas/mushroom/babycorn stirfry, peace tomato slice

breaded fish, edamame, strawberries, bacon & cheese croissant

chicken breast, broccoli, grapes, cream cheese sandwich & grape tomatoes

cheese string, carrots, grapes, sweet potato slices & pocket sandwich

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