Ways with Pizza

After every spaghetti dinner, I would save a bit of the sauce to make pizza for bento the next day.  My BIL makes good spaghetti sauce.  While recently I have tried the Mario Batali cherry tomato pasta sauce. I spread on whatever type of bread we'd have and top with cheese.

This is on English muffins with Havarti cheese, edamame and strawberries/ English muffin with jam and apples.

This on focaccia with Texmex cheese and apple/ shrimp & vegetable stirfry and cheese croissant.

This on pan de sal with mozza-cheddar cheese and nectarine/ Laughing cow cheese, baby carrot, jello and grapes.

On pita bread with cheddar slice, mango jello, oranges/ grilled cheese sandwich, banana & grape tomatoes.

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