This Week

Hooray for teen temperature!

Out is the sun. So out comes the necklace!

And out goes the socks!

It’s week-long spring break for the big one. Lucky the hub works-from-home couple days a week. Sushi needs to be in full-day camp only 3 days. That gives me 2 days break, from bento fixing/washing at least. Like it matters. Oh yes, it does!

In camp, there's more nutrition breaks, longer lunch time, and lots of physical activities. I like that I can pack him more. And he still wipes out the bento. I'm a happy camper!
Cherry & banana jam sandwich, Flat Jacks, mixed veggies & grapes. The Flat Jacks are chicken breast cutlets by Janes. I got it from Costco.

I am repeating the Flat Jacks so I disguised it into bite-size pieces, with mini tacos, brussel sprouts, kiwi, Goldfish & juice pack.


  1. love your top, necklace and shoe! Nice!

    1. Thanks, Annie-Q. I'm always looking forward to reading your blog. Please update more.