Indexed Chopping Boards

My 2 biggest fears in the kitchen – E.coli and salmonella. Me handling raw meat is like me in the Fear Factor show. Hence, I leave the chopping to the butcher. I buy choice cut meat. The meat trays in groceries, they are meant for people like moi. If I have to debone, I can use a chicken breast. If I have to cut, I use the shears and cut straight from the tray, armed with disposable gloves. I use 2 separate tongs when cooking meat, one for handling the raw and one for when the meat is cooked.  I also have several chopping boards for fruits/veggies, onion/garlic, and bread. I use my Hello Kitty one for meat only, though I barely use it in that I do enough prevention to need to.

These chopping boards are from Generate Design It retails for US$79. Wah! Costco sells something similar for under $20.

In the mean time I saw this pretty flexi boards from the Dollarama. You’d think it’s the last place on earth to find nice stuff. You can’t go wrong with $2. While my mismatched chopping boards are, well, mismatched, and old enough for bacteria to lurk in their epidermis, it’s time to bid them adieu. Though this set won’t tackle a whole chicken, it’s pretty and perfect for this non-Meat Ninja.

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