Onions & the BRATTY Diet

It’s been a crazy weekend. My 2 boys and I got stomach flu. Disclaimer: eating healthy is no immunization from this bug. Kudos to the hub who attended to the kids while I was bedridden. He is our meds guru. He assigns who takes what meds, prepares the dosage, administers to the kids, and mentally notes everyone's schedule. This is his expertise. He wouldn’t admit, but I think a run to Shoppers Drugmart on times like this gives him security and satisfaction. And, nope, price is not a factor =[
Within the household the last 3 days were these meds, Pedialyte/Gatorade, the BRATTY diet, and the almost permanent Onions.
Onions are known for their anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Leave sliced onions in your room and it will absorb the flu causing bacteria and toxins. Replace every 2 days. We have it in every room. In sickness and in health. It works wonders in this household. I have recommended this method to everyone I know, I should be getting free onions by now. But hey a 10-lb bag would cost you only a buck when on sale. So grab your bag now and try it.

This is Sushi’s bento today. Just to be on the safe side, I sent him a BRATTY bento. BRATTY diet is recommended if one has gastrointestinal distress. Nothing but these:
B - banana
R - rice
A - applesauce
T - toast
T - tea
Y – yogurt
But of course, I’m cheating, I put in some gummies =]

Disclaimer#2: I'm not a health expert. I'm just a typical mom who reads all, believes all, but recommends only what's scientific and what works for us. Consult your physician if symptoms persist.


  1. thanks so much for your tip about the onions. my baby bear has been sick for the past 5 days :( i placed a white onion in her room and it turned black after only a day... i hope this means she is on her way to recovery!

    1. Hope your baby gets better. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to have shared something helpful.

  2. Thanks for sharing on the onion tips. Once, my boys kindy teacher told me the same thing. Now you remind me has to do it again. Bad weather, three of us are down with bad flu and cough. :(:(