Hilton Falls

I went hiking. Would you believe?

Hilton Falls is on the Niagara escarpment in Milton. The falls is only 10 metres. But the forest that we hiked through was just as enchangting as what surrounds the falls.  Except for Sashimi who couldn't handle the hike (must be the age), it was a wonderful experience. We had 8 kilometres worth of banters, songs, brain teasers, Pringles and pretzels.

Click for pictures.

This won't be a good bathroom stop for sure, but it is equipped with the necessities, and it blends in with the woodland.

Each day is a gift. Take time to enjoy it. Is exactly what we did.

In one of our rest stops, the kids had brought their books. I know... what a nerd! Well.

I took a paparazzi shot of this sweet old couple. Wouldn't it be nice to grow old like this?

Hilton Falls
4985 Campbellville Sideroad
Milton Ontario

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