In His Words

I learned from my 7yo: there's a difference between completing his sentences because you know him to well and putting words in his mouth because you think you know him enough. Most times they want you to just listen.

What does your Mommy do while you are in school?
Go to work.

What makes your Mommy laugh?
My cuteness and Aku's jokes.
Aku is my big brother.

What is Mommy's favourite TV show?
Ellen the Generes

My Mom says the most important rule is:...
To have good manners. It will take me far.

My favourite thing to do with my Mommy is...
Play Monopoly and Scrabble

If your Mom were an animal, what kind would she be?
A chimpanzeen, because chimpanzeens are cute.

What food does Mom make best?
Spaghetti and vegetables

My Mom is pretty as...
You're prettier than anyone.

I love Mommy because...
She takes care of me. She cuddles with me. She plays with me. And she kisses me.

Love you to pieces!

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