Goodbye Daycare

Sashimi will be going to Kindergarten this coming schoolyear. It is with heavy heart that I am bidding adieu to the daycare that has been my stopover to work for 5 years.  The same daycare Sushi had graduated from.  I am foreseeing tears... mine! As this chapter will end, then a new one begins.

I have prepare a little something for the teachers who have taken care of my boys.

I got some cute mugs from IKEA. Filling them with some tea sachets, Lindor chocolates, Bath & Body hand lotion and sanitizer.

And what better way to use Sashimi's arts/crafts from daycare than as gift tags for the teachers who helped him make them!

On his last day I shall "leave and heave a sigh and say Goodbye!"

With tears for sure.

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