Happy 10th!

Besides 10 years of marriage, it also means most of my personal belonging are also 10 years old, if I still have them, and maybe it’s time to replace them =] Mr. Hotpot has slated our wedding anniversary weekend for a shopping trip in Buffalo NY, saying I can buy anything I want, skies the limit. Of course, he knows deep down there’s a duty free allowance for cross-border shopping which I won’t go over. Hahaha! And he knows Mrs. Hotpot too well I don’t take advantage of such perks. He can say anything, right?

Seriously, I still get surprises - each birthday, every Valentines, anniversaries, even Mothers’ Day (and Fathers’ Day, too!). But the best surprises are in the everyday, when dishes get washed because he finds me standing too long in the kitchen already, when the kids are bathed because that’s where he can help best because he doesn't cook, when he constantly invite me to eat out so I don’t have to cook and wash every meal every day. Often asking me to buy anything I want is the cherry on top of my ice cream.

I don’t even like maraschino cherry. And most times I don’t even need ice cream anymore. I am just blessed for these wonderful years. 10 years, 10 lbs heavier =[ and 10 years away from where we started out, it seems like only yesterday. We still look back at our wedding photos, videos and soundtrack with fond memories. Besides being partners and parents, we’re still friends today like we used to be more than 10 years ago.

Here's to another 10 years... and more! For those who are asking for one more baby girl, besides being 10 years older now, we're okay, we're happy with our two!


  1. Happy 10th Anniversay to you and your hub! Wish you many more years to come!

    Sorry for not visiting your "pot" often, had been busy with work and kids and their school activities. *sigh*

    Lovely wedding pictures!

    1. Thanks for the kind greetings. I check you a lot waiting for new stories.

  2. Happy 10th anniversary, Jo & Sherwin! Continue to enjoy your journey together! :)