My Healthy Food List

You say healthy, I say SOLD! I buy everything brown, whole wheat, low sodium, low fat, sugar free. I bake with whole flour. I don’t fry. I don’t cook anything with cream. No candies. No gums. I buy chickpeas even if I don’t know how to cook it. I juice vegetables. I make veggie crisps. I buy all sorts of tea. I drink it like water. I substitute sugar with honey and creamer with milk on my coffee. Sashimi likes his milk plain, nothing fancy. I snack on fruits, some of which I'd eat only for its goodness. Sushi picks fruits over ice cream /cake for dessert. If we run out of fruits at home, it's red alert.

But please don’t judge me. I’m only human who'd still sneak the bad C’s into our healthy attempt. Cookies. Chocolates. Chips. What not. We still often crave the tempura, order fried pork chops and eat ice cream everywhere. While every thing is under control at home, I find it's okay to let loose elsewhere. Just a little bit. Besides, Julia Child has said, “Everything in moderation… including moderation.” Or the paradox of the oft-quoted "everything in moderation" is “If everything should be taken in moderation, then moderation should itself be taken moderately, meaning that not everything would be taken in moderation.” I'm getting off-topic.

Nonetheless, I keep this list up on the fridge. I got this from Real Simple, forgot which issue. You probably have your own list or have come across different lists of what's healthy, but this is mine. A constant reminder to get them on my grocery trips. Get them on your grocery runs too.
1. Skim milk
2. Mushrooms
3. Whole grain pasta
4. Walnuts
5. Peanut & almond butter
6. Oatmeal
7. Barley
8. Quinoa
9. Lentils
10. Bulgur
11. Almonds
12. Eggs
13. Non-fat Greek yogurt
14. Chicken breast
15. Wild salmon
16. Sardines
17. Kale
18. Kiwi
19. Blueberries
20. Broccoli
21. Avocados
22. Black beans
23. Sweet potatoes
24. Extra virgin olive oil
25. Edamame
26. Chard
27. Kidney beans
28. Oranges
29. Spinach
30. Pumpkin

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