Pizza Day

Sushi's school holds Pizza Days every month, sometimes twice. On this day, kids get fresh hot pizza on their 2nd nutrition break, for a prepaid fee. What this means is Mum gets a break from making the lunch bento, and just provide the snack. In my case, fruits and vegetables. I strive to send a balanced diet, which I split between two nutrional breaks...of only 20 minutes each, WTH.

Meanwhile I am seeing some love with pizzas here, so I try to make my own. I use leftover spaghetti sauce or bottled pizza sauce and nacho cheese topping - cheddar, mozzarella, monterey jack and jalapeno peppers.
Pizza on wheat toast.  This was a lazy day for me. The food picks are meant to prevent the pizza from smudging the cover when I put the bento into the lunchbag. Fruits and veggies are in the second bento, not pictured.

Broccoli, Italian meatballs, pizza on focaccia, clementines & gummies.

Same focaccia pizza, apples, croissant and shrimp & vegetable stir-fry.

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