My Dad

My first ever blog entry written on January 2006 (in a separate blog host) was about the "Four Men in My Life" - my dad, my brother, my husband, and then only son. I never wrote about my Dad since. I have re-written about my brother here. And I have a long way to go with writing about the hub and my now 2 kids. I have truncated the original post to just about my Dad, and reposting it here in honour of him.

My Pipi.  The person I have the ultimate respect for.  Simply because he's my father.  And for all that he is.  He is known for his sense of humour that can bring the house down.  He has the wit and charm that make him adored by many.  And the kindness that makes him loved by everyone.  I recall, he would often buy me street taho (sweet tofu snack) in the morning and ask the maid to bring it to me in bed.  And he would always pull each of my toes while we're watching TV together.  He isn't great with English, but he plays very good Scrabble.  And every game would surely have a laughing moment.  Even now when we chat by Yahoo Messenger - yes, he chats - he'd make me laugh with his remarks.  Our chat would always start with a "Comota you and kids?" (How are you, of course mispelled), and a "Mom didn't sleep well last night won't call her yet".  For those who know him, you'll know what I mean when I say, he's so cute, isn't he? I love him and I miss him soooo much.  For the mean time I have only the countless fond memories of him to reminisce.
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And I am writing my first blog entry in honor of them.

January 17, 2006

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